Friday, October 2, 2009

Editorial: FBI did its job well in bomb case

In the editorial I found in The Dallas Morning News, is about how terrorism plots and threats are still a big threat in America today. A nineteen year old Jordanian, Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, would have been able to go through with his plot to blow up a sixty story skyscraper in Downtown Dallas last week, if it hadn't have been for undercover Arabic-speaking FBI agents who intercepted his plan to connect with a hook up on the Internet for resources to create his plan as stated in the article. These kind of threats make us wonder how easily is it to get past American officials, and be able to go through with these kind of plans? We as Americans need to get more engaged in stopping these kind of threats before they are attempted. The author stats, "The fact that this plot appears to have been exectuted by a lone wolf doesn't minimize the threat." By this he is saying that if a person alone can go through with a plot by themselves, how do we know that someone else isn't thousands miles away planning on doing the same thing? We need to do something about this and put an end to all threats made. We need to regulate who comes into the United States with better security so we can make sure terrorism like this will not occur.

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