Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fight obesity? Add sales tax to soda tab

The article, Fight obesity? Add sales tax to soda tab, is about trying to get the United States government to propose a sales tax on soda and other sweetened beverages. Health experts are pushing for placing a tax of one cent for every ounce of soda and sweetened beverage, but proposals in the past have failed many of times before. The tax put on soda and other sweetened beverages would create revenue that could be used to focus on child nutrition and obesity prevent programs in the U.S., while helping people cut back on the amount of calories they consume from drinking sodas. The proposal was shut down Wednesday after the Senate Finance Committee addressed its health reform proposal without a previously considered soda tax provision. As of now, it will most likely be a while before the proposal will gain acceptance from officials. States will have to start taxing on the sales of sodas and sweetened beverages before the federal government will accept and make it a law. I think people should read this article and really take advantage of the pros of passing this proposal. People need to start understanding that obesity is a bigger problem than it may seem.