Friday, December 4, 2009

Employment Proposal

Unemployment in America is at its' worst since the Great Depression era back in the 1930's. And in times like today's econony, Americans can not afford to be laid off. It is hard enough to survive in the economy we have today with the jobs we have now, and being unemployed is just making it even harder to survive. President Obama is currently in the process of creating a proposal to create new jobs and opprotunities for employment to Congress next week. Many people are agreeing with Obama and pushing to have this proposal follow through. Obama stated friday at Lehigh Carbom Community College that, "We need to go jobs and get America back to work as quickly as we can." The quicker America can get back on its' feet, the quicker America will get out of this economic crisis we are in. It is a good thing Obama is taking action into helping America get back on top, but it is just going to take time before America fully recovers. America's unemployment rate has decreased 0.2 percent since October, as long as the rate continues to decrease America will be okay. As long as Obama's proposal gets passed by Congress this coming week, we should see the unemployment rate begin to get smaller hopefully pretty quickly. As mentioned before, it is going to just take time before America will be fully recovered.